This page is dedicated to those who have passed away since their Vietnam tour.

Last updated 25 Mar 2017

NAME----------------------DATE(if known) ----------------- CAUSE(if known) ----------------- UNIT/TITLE/YEAR

AITON, WILLIAM S.---------22 Feb 82----------Heart Attack------8th /117th /Pilot & CO 63
ALLEN, GARY W.-----------------27 Apr 06----------------Unknown------------- 117th /Pilot /70-71
ALLEN, JIMMY D. -----------------Unknown---------------Unknown------------- 117th /Pilot /66-67
ALWIN, SCOTT R ----------1976---------Auto Accident By A Drunk Driver-----117th /Pilot /70-71
APPLER, CHARLES B--------------19 Nov 68 --------------- A/C Mid-Air --------117th /Pilot /67
ARRINGTON, ALVIN D.-------------10 Mar 94----------------Unknown-------------8th / Pilot / 61/62

BARKER, SCOTT C. -----------------Aug 74------------------Unknown--------------117th /Pilot/ 71
BEAU, HENRY R.'HANK' ----------26 Jan 96----------Cancer -------8th /Pilot /61-62
BELL, FRED O.-----28 Dec 13---------Unknown----8th/117th/Pilot /62-63
BENDER, CRAIG D.-------------14 Nov 00--------------Unknown------------- 117th/ Gunner/ 67-68
BENNETT, RAYMOND J.(Ray)------26 Oct 14-- 69---Lymphoma----------117th/ Gunner/ 67-68
BIEDLINGMAIER, JOSEPH F.----30 May 98 ---------Lung Cancer------------ 117th / Pilot/ 1965
BLACKBURN, BRUCE T. ----------Unknown---------------Unknown---------117th/2/66-67
BLAIR, RUSSELL--------------1970------------------Auto Accident while on leave-----117th /69-70
BLOUNT, RICHARD-------------------Unknown---------------Unknown------------- 117th / 65
BOZEK, STANLEY R.---------------19 FEB 73------------ AC ACCIDENT------ 117th / 65
BRAY, BOBBYJ.-----------21 Aug 85------------Unknown---------------- 140th CHFM /Pilot/62-63
BRENNER, DAVID A ----------------25 Jul 99 -------------Unknown--------------- 8th TRANS 62-63
BROCKILL, RAYMOND E.-------30 Dec 05------------Unknown-----------8th / Crew chief / 61-62
BROOKS, WENDELL C.------------07 Feb 09-------------Heart Attack---------- 117th / 67-68
BROOME,DONALD F. (Don)----15 Dec14-----Unknown-------------8th/117th/ Pilot/ 63-64
BUCKNER, JIMMY----20 Feb 11---------Unknown--------------117th/ Maint./Gunner/ 70-71
BYNUM, TOM W. III---------12 Jan 16------------Lung Problems---117th 2nd Plt Gunner/ 67-68

CAIN, JAMES F.--------------------17 Feb 89----------- Agent Orange--------- 8th /Pilot /61-62
CALHOUN, GEORGE B.------------Unknown per VHPA-------8th /Pilot /62
CAMPBELL, EARL---------10 Feb 13----------COPD----------117th/Gunner from the 25th/64-65
CAVISTON, AMBROSE-------------04 Jul 92--------------Unknown -------------- 140th /63-64
CAWLEY, HARRY A.----------------19 Nov 85-------Unknown----------117th /Gunner /66-67
CAWTHON, ROY ---------03 Jul 85----Motorcycle accident, hit by DUI driver-----117th /Crew chief /70-71
CLEARY, JOHNIE M., JR.--------Approx.1981------Unknown -------------- 117th /Crew Chief /64
CLINE, JOHN R. 14 Sep 02-------Unknown-------------------117th/ Crew chief-G/67-68
COLEMAN,RONALD A.--------09 Apr 11--------Lung Cancer --- 117th /Pilot Sidewinders/66-67
CONSTANCE, HARBIN A.---------Jun 73--------------Unknown--------------- 117th / Pilot / 65-66
COON, DAVID A.------------11 Jan 09------------Cancer/Agent Orange--------117th/ Pilot /68-69
CONLEY, JAMES B.-------UNKNOWN----------------PER SSI -----117th /Crew Chief / 70-71
COPPIN, DAVID L. --------------29 Oct 93--------------Unknown---------------------8th/ Pilot/ 63-64
CORNEIL JR., ROBERT F. ------27 Feb 05------------Unknown----------------------8th / Pilot / 62
CREECH, ROY-----------03 Oct 10------------Diabetes / Agent Orange---117th / Maint.Plt 67-68
CRESWELL, ROLAND L. JR. --10 Feb 05-----Cancer due to Agent Orange---117th / G / 67-68
CROOKS, HAROLD O.----------Unknown per VHPA------------117th / Pilot /65-66
CRUSE, CLARENCE A.----------Oct 99----------------Unknown------------117th /Pilot /63-64

DAVIS, WESLEY R. SR.-----27 Dec 07 ---- Diabetes / Agent Orange - 140th Trans Det / 64-65
DeWITT, JOHN H. ---------------25 May 02 -----------Accident-----------------117th /Pilot /68-69
DIXON, ROBERT---------------------Jan 67--------------- A/C Mid-air-----------------8th / Pilot / 62
DODD, CALVIN G.-------------- -13 Mar 94-------------Heart Failure-------------117th /Pilot /64-65
DORR, CHARLES D.--------- -13 Dec 14---74---------Unknown---------8TH &117th /Pilot /63-64
added 25 Mar17
DOUGLAS, DONALD J. Jr.---- 03 May 15-------------Unknown----------------117th / Pilot /68-69
DOWDY, KENNETH L.----------.28May14----------------Unknown--------------8th / Pilot /64-65
DUNLOY, BRIAN E.------------- -25 Jul 07-------------Cancer-------------------117th / Pilot / 70-71
DUNN, HAROLD------------------ Feb 02----------------Heart Attack------117th/Pilot /67-68

EARLES, ALVIN C.------------ 13 Oct 01---------------Cancer-------------------117th / Pilot /64-65
EDWARDS, JAMES H.-------01 May 10---Complications w/ Diabetes,Heart Disease--117th/ Pilot /67-68
ELLIS, BRYAN LEE------------ 21 Nov 79---------------Killed in Pakistan ------117th /Pilot /69
ELLIS, SAMUEL F.-------------- 21 Feb 07-----------------Unknown----------------8th / Pilot /61-62
EMERY, CLYDE J.-------------- 23 Jul 12-----------------Unknown------------------8th / Pilot
EPPERSON, THEODORE L.----16 Aug 03 -------------Unknown ----8th /Pilot/69

FARRIS, LOWELL I.------------- 31 Oct 64---------------- A/C Mid-Air-----------117th /Pilot / 63
FINE, MERTON R.--------------?Apr 83-------------------Unknown---------------8th / Pilot /62-63
FISKUM, LESLIE A.-----------11 May 11---------Unknown--------117th/140th/ A/C Supply/ 68-69
FLOHR, REX --------------------- 22 Jun 07--------------Unknown --------------8th/Pilot/ 61-62
FLOOD, ROBERT LEE----------Unknown per VHPA-----------------------------8th /Pilot /61-62
FLYNN, MICHAEL T. ---------- 03 Aug 99---------------Unknown---------------117th /Co.Clerk /64
FRANKLIN, CHARLES H.-------06 Oct 98------------------Unknown--------------140th /69
added 13/Dec/14
FRANKS, BOB L.-----------28 Nov 14----------Prostate Cancer & ALS--- 117th/ CE&Gunner/66-67
FRECHIN, GLENN-----------------11 May 05-----------Unknown--------------117th
FREEMAN, VERNON B-Late 60s- Accident -electrocuted while installing TV antennae-117th/Pilot/64-65
FROMM, CHESTER J.---------31 Dec 12----------Kidney & Heart Failure-----117th/ CE/ 63-64
FRYE, MICHAEL L. "Mike" ----13 Aug 03------ ------A/C accident-------------117th /Pilot /67-68
FULLER, ROBERT D. -----------Unknown--------------Unknown per VHPA----117th /Pilot /63
FULRIGHT, BILLY J.--------------04 May 06------------Kidney Failure-------------8th / Pilot /62-63
FULTON, ROGER B. ----------19 Oct 06------------Pulmonary Disease------117th /CE /66-67

GARRISON, ROBERT L.----Unknown per VHPA--------------------------------117th /Pilot /70
GORDON, GARY H.----------- 30 Oct 03 Per SSI ------Unknown ----------117th/140th /68-69
GORE ,COLON ----------- 27 Jun 99----------------------Agent Orange-------117th Commo 70
GRAHAM, DONALD E-----------?Aug 84----------------------Unknown --------------8th /Pilot /62
GREENE, DAVID L. JR.---------21 Mar 99------------------Cancer---------------117th / Pilot /65-66
GREENE, JOHN H.----------19 Jan 00-----------Unknown------8th / Pilot 62-63 & 117th 63
GRIDER, DONALD RAY--06 Mar 09---Colon Cancer -Agent Orange--117th DG / CE /68-69
GRUBE, ROBERT R.-------?15? May 15-----------------Cancer----------117th / Co. Clerk 64-65
GUTSFELD, CARL H.---1970s--Vehicle Accident Do To Rock Slide-----117th /SP4 /69

HAGMASIER, JOSEPH G-----Sep 76 Per SSI -------Unknown--------------140th & 117th
HALTERMAN, WENDELL------Unknown-----------------Unknown--------------117th
HAYWOOD, KENNETH----02 Sep 14------Heart, Lungs & Stroke--117th/2nd Plt, sgt/CE/68-70
HEBER, HAROLD R.------------Unknown per VHPA-----------------------------117th /Pilot /66
HENAULT, STEVAN W.-------19 Feb 71-----A/C Accident in Alaska---- 140th CO 64-65
HERRON, JAMES D.------------?Apr 85-----------------Unknown--------------- 117th / Pilot / 68-69
HICKS, WALTER G. (Walt)--14 Feb 2015-----------Unknown----- 117th Capt.& a Pilot/ 9/65-66
HILL , JAMES H. SR. ------------Jul 09 Per Son---Unknown------------------- 8th Trans Co. 61-62
HOLOCKER, LARRY E.---------Per returned post card---Unknown--------117th /CE/64
HOPKINS, JOHN R.-------------02 Jul 06------------Unknown-------------------117th / Pilot / 66-67
HUGHES, GLENN------------------Mid 1970's-------- Private plane crash----117th / 69-70
HYDE, GARY LEE -------------- 29 May 76 -----------Unknown-------------117th /Pilot /70-71

JACKSON, ROY D.---------------18 Jun 94 -----------------Cancer---------------- 117th /Pilot/65-66
JOHNSTON, MORRIS R.-------Apr 91 Per SSI-------Unknown-----------------117th /CE/69
JONES, ROBERT S. JR-----27 Apr 03--------Unknown----8th Trans/Pilot & CO 62-63

KAUFFER, TONY-----------60'S------------------Auto Accident------------130th Med.Det. / 64-65
KEISTER, CONRAD G.-----------Unknown per VHPA-----------------------117th /Pilot /70-71
KEITH, SAM*Yosemite Sam" --28 Sep 08-----------Heart Attack---------- 117th / Pilot/ 71-72
KELL, ROBERT E."Hillbilly"----24 Mar 11-------Unkown-----117th / Radio operator / 3/68-12/68
KELLY, JAMES J.---------------30 Nov 07---------------Unknown----------------117th / Pilot /63
KIRSCH, FRANCIS J.---------20 Oct 06----------------Unknown-----------------117th /Pilot /65-66
KNISELY, LYNN B.------------29 Nov 14-----Brain Cancer ---------------117th CO &Pilot /68-69
KNUDSON, ROGER N.-------19 Aug 05----------Home Accident------- 117th /Crew chief /63-64
KOONTZ, RUSSELL C---------Jan 95-------Auto Accident------------- 140th &117th /Pilot /68-69
(Added1/31/17 ) KYLE, CLYDE M.-------------08Jan 17-Kidney & Lung Failure-- 117th /CE 1st & SW Plt/71-724

LANE, JAMES RUSSELL 'JIM' --07 Dec 91 -------A/C accident------------ 117th/Pilot/66-67
LaROUE, F.W. 'BUTCH'---------28 Aug 98----------------Heart Attack-------- 117th/Pilot/67-68
LEE, JAMES-------------------------Unknown------------------Unknown----------- 140th/63-64
LIVINGSTON, DONALD------------Unknown per VHPA---------------------8th &117th /Pilot /63-64
LUCAS, JUDSON ' RICK'--------12 Jul 02------------Unknown----------------- 117th/Pilot/67

MABRY,JAMES R.------------------09 Aug 10------------Unknown-----------------130th /61-62
MALONEY, JAMES(Jim)----------Sep 19800------------Auto Accident117th Pilot 70-71
MARSHALL, ROBERT K..----------2009-------------------Unknown---------------140th /64-65
MARTIN, GEORGE W. JR.-------Jan 01 Per SSI---Unknown------------117th /1970
MAYTUBBY, LARRY JAMES----10 May 06-------Unknown------------117th / CE/Gunner /66-67
McDONOUGH, VINCENT J-----22 Aug 86 Per SSI----Unknown-------117th &; 140th / 68-69
added 25 Mar17
McPHERSON, DAVID R.--- 18 Oct 16----Alzheimer/Parkinson's/Dementia--117th/Pilot/70-71
McGEE,WILLIAM E.-----------------02 Apr 12--------------Cancer-----------8th Trans/Pilot/63-64
McGUIRE, VIRGIL P.--------------17 Jun 09-----------??Cancer??-------117th AVN / CO 1964
McKENZIE, WILLIAM W------------Unknown------------Unknown---------------8th /Pilot /61-62
McLEAN, JIMMY R.'Little Dinger'------13 Mar 99----------Cancer--------------117th /Pilot /69-70
MEASELS, DAVID A. 'Dave'--------26 Jul 14----------Unknown-----117th 6/66 transfer to 120th
MELTON, RONNIE W.--------- 17 Dec 90-------- Auto Accident----------- 117th / Gunner/ 65-66
MERCHANT, JOHNNIE H. ---------13 Dec 05----------Heart Attack-------------8th /Pilot /63
MOODY,FRANK------------------Unknown----------Unknown---------------------117th / CE/Gunner
MURRY, JOSEPH H. -----------19 Sep 96------------Unknown-----------------8th /Pilot /61-62

NELSON, WILBY------------- 2007---------------Lung Cancer------------117th / Crew chief /63-64
NOONAN, GARRY RICHARD AKA TERRY, MICHAEL---10May05-----Unknown------64-65
NORDBRUCH, HERMAN---------1980----------------Vehicle Accident---------140th / 67-68

ORT, MICHAEL J.---------- 09 Feb 98----------Multiple Sclerosis---------------117th /Pilot /70-71

PARKER, WILLIAM H.----------------16 Nov 07-----------Unknown----------------8th / Pilot / 62-63
PEAY, GEORGE O. "WILLIE"'--------30 Jul 01----------Cancer--------------117th /Gunner /65-66
PETERSON, ROBERT W.' PETE' --04 Aug 03-----Colon Cancer-------117th /Crew chief /67-69
POLLARD, WILLIAM DWIGHT-------Unknown----------Unknown---------117th / Gunner / 65-67
POWELL, LAWRENCE ALLYN (A.J).---03 Jun 73 -----NG A/C accident-----117th /Pilot /71-72
PRESNELL, CHARLES R., III "CHARLIE"-- 04 May 03------ Cancer----------117th /Pilot /68-69
PRIBBLE, GARRY----------29 Sep 14--------Cancer-------117th / 2nd Plt Crew chief / 67-68

PRICE, DENNIS W.------------04 Feb 03-------------Diabetes----------117th /Maintenance /67-68
PRINE, ELTON G.--------------------08 Sep 08------------Unknown------------117th /Pilot /69-70
PRYBYSZ, MICHAEL J.------18 Feb 02----------Unknown----117th / Maint. / 67-68

RADFORD, TOMMY S.---------------25 Jan13-------Cancer-------------117th /Maint./67-68
REESE JR., HAROLD R. "HARRY" ------Dec 77-------Auto Accident-----117th /Pilot/67-68
RESCH, ED---------------------------05 Sep 07--------------Unknown--------- 8th &140th / 63-64
RHOADS, CECIL (DUSTY)--------Unknown------Fixed Wing Accident------117th/Pilot/65
RICE, STEVEN J.---------------29 Nov 96------Massive Heart Attack-------117th / Crew chief /69
ROBINSON, JOHN A. , JR. ----14 Aug 00- ---Unknown---------------117th /Pilot /71-72
ROGERS, DALE R."'-----------21 Aug 11---------Cancer--------117th /Gunner 2nd Plt./66-67-68
RUBIOLO, RICHARD A-----------15 Apr 00----------Cancer------------------117th /Pilot /65-66
RUFF, JOHN M. ------------------15 Aug 01--------Unknown-----------------117th / 71-72

SAINDON, REX----------------------30 Nov 79--------Unknown ----------------117th /Pilot /65-66
SCHWALM, HAROLD P.-------30 Dec 10-------Fall at Home -----117th /Sidewinder Pilot /70-71
SEALE, RAYMOND E. (Ray)--22 Nov 12------Cancer--117th/125th Air Traffic Control/ 63-64
SHIRLEY, GORDON G.----------30 Jul 68 ------------Army A/C accident ---117th /Pilot /67-68
SHRIPSA, MICHAEL--9 MAR 12------Agent Orange--117th /Sidewinder Gunner/65-66
SHRIVER, GLENN M.----Unknown ------Per USPS Returned Letter of 1/29/10 ---117th /Crew chief /72
SKYER, MICHAEL---------Spring of 2013------------Unknown--------------117th/Crew chief/68-69
Mike was a 117th AHCVA Member

SMART, WILLIAM H. (BILL)----16 Aug 03------------Unknown----------------117th CO 68
SOWERS, CRAIG M.-----------2007 per Brother-------- Unknown-----------140th/ 64-65 Hotel Survivor

SPAULDING, GARY V.-------Nov 11------------Cancer------------117th /2nd Ptl/ gunner/ 69-70

SPOCK ----------------------Unknown ----------- Unknown Per Glenn Frechin----------69-70
STEPHENSON, LEROY-"Lee"------Feb 2014----------Unknown----------8th /117th/ Pilot/ 62-63
STURCH, JOEL J.------07 Mar 84----------Colon Cancer-------8th /117th /Mess Sgt /63-64

THRASH, RONALD W.-------08 Feb 87-------------A/C Accident--------117th / Pilot/ 66-67
TIBBETS, HOYE D.-------------Unknown per VHPA-----------------------117th /Pilot /65
TRENT, HERMAN--------------Unknown------------Multi-Health Problems---117th / 66-67
TROTT, WALTER EUGENE--------2007-----------Cancer------------------140th/ 63-64

VECCHIO, ROBERT L.--------17 Jul 12-----------Unknown------------------140th/ 64-65

WADDELL, DALE R.-----------21 Nov 88----------- Unknown----------------117th/ Pilot/ 67-68
WALKER, STEPHEN M.------04 Sep 08----------Unknown---------------117th/ Pilot/ 67-68
WATERS, FREDDIE L.--------09 Feb 99-----------Unknown---------------117th/ Pilot/ 64-65
WEEKS, JIMMY D.-------------2007 or 08-----------Cancer------------------117th/ Pilot/ 64-65
WHITAKER, VIRGIL-----------12 Mar 92--------------Unknown---------------117th/ Gunner/ 68-69
WICKS, MERRILL---------------UNKNOWN--------PER SSI ------------------140th/117th/ 68-69
WICKHAM, RAYMOND W. -----01 Jun 13---------Cancer--------117th / Fireman/Gunner/67-68
WILCOX, ROBERT J.---30 May 75---Auto/Logging Truck Accident---117th/ Crew Chief/ 66-67
WILSON, H.D.-----------------02 Sep 03------------Unknown----------8th Trans/117th /Pilot/ 64-65
WILSON, KENNETH W.------8 Feb 03------------Unknown----------------8th Trans/ Pilot/ 61-62
WILSON, MAX H.----------------8 Jan 13------------Unknown----------------8th Trans/ Pilot/ 61-62

YANKAUSKY, WILLIAM C. (Yank)--13 Feb 13------Unknown------117th/ Gunner /65-66
YOHA, THOMAS 'GREGG'---25 Mar 01----------Accidental Fall--------117th/ Pilot/ 67
YOUNG, ROBERT T. 'BIG DADDY'--22 Sep 90---Accidental Fire------117th/ Pilot/ 64-65

ZELLMER, HARRY J.'JACK'----7 Nov 93--------------Auto Accident---------------117th/ Pilot / 66


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