The following Mission article was submitted by Keith Smith, CE,  RVN  70-71. It was in his discharge package and he does not recall its origination.

"When the Monsoon rains brought heavy flooding to the small Asian country of Malaysia, thousands of people were left isolated an homeless by the high waters and the nation was well in the throes of a major disaster.

The inundation swept away village after village and drove the villagers to the safety of high ground.  But it was then necessary to airlift supplies of clothing, food, and medicine to these refugees. 

As part of the United States aid to the Disaster Relief program in Malaysia, the 117th Aviation Company sent men and equipment to assist the Royal Malaysian Air Force conduct airlift and rescue missions.

Flown to Malaysia aboard a C-124 Cargo plane, which also carried their two UH1H helicopters and a jeep, the 117th crew flew over 200 hours of relief and rescue missions.

They spent two weeks in the flood ravaged country during which time they were lodged in a hotel in Kuan Tau.  The good will shown by the sacrifices of the five men from the 117th deserves special commendation.  The crew consisted of: Captain Ronald R. Taylor, CW-2 Jon M. Hubof, SP/4 Keith R. Smith, SP/4 Michael S. Schreiber and SP/4 Gerald R. Penrod.  To these men, our congratulations on a job well done."


Thank you Keith for sharing this special memory.   

(some of the photos from Keith Smith's Photo Page are from this Malaysian Mission)

This article posted 25APR03